Eclipse for September 1, 2016

Not only do we have Mercury Retrograde from August 30-September 22, 2016, we also have an Eclipse and a New Moon in Virgo September 1, 2016. As if that’s not enough to keep us in the “Power of Now” and staying in our power. I would recommend wearing or using hematite or any black stone to keep you grounded and to drink extra water.

The Eclipse is bringing in very strong energy and it’s as if we are being downloaded with a whole lot of ram (computer talk). Our soul and body are not used to this much.

Mercury Retro wants us to slow down to revisit, review, reorganize and restructure our goals, communications, inner spiritual guidance and mind set.

The New Moon in Virgo want new beginnings and Virgo wants details, organizational skills and practical internal wisdom.

What a perfect time to use the energy of the eclipse to declare a new dream and to use the 3 weeks retrograde time to strategize, write the purpose, goals and action steps.

I can help with that…
Judith Conrad, Intuitive Strategist