Mercury Retrograde


Get ready: The second Mercury retrograde cycle of the year is coming Sunday, April 9, 2017. This includes a week before and a week after April 9, 2017-MAY 3, 2017. It is called the Shadow.

For the next three weeks, the planet Mercury will be in retrograde, meaning it will appear to move backward in an opposite direction from Earth.

Mercury is the sign of communication.

Because Mercury was a messenger, it is very important to check all details around communications, decision-making and travel.

Mercury retrograde "is the time to rethink, redo, redefine, reorganize, reassess, reorient and/or re-plan without taking action on the 'new plan,'"

During this time, I encourage you to delve deeper into your subconscious through the symbols of the Tarot. This intuitive tool has been so helpful in so many ways. Via Skype, we can channel your archetypes, angels, past lifetimes, healing modalities such as DNA Activations.

The next Mercury retrograde periods will take place Aug. 12 through Sept. 5 and Dec. 3 through Dec. 22.