Recently I have been focused on my workshops to re-acquaint myself to the inner meanings and essence of each of these healing modalities. I am exploring and owning the deeper inner meanings. What does it mean to connect to an angel, a guide, a power animal or objects in nature such as a crystal. For me it is about mentally comprehending and feeling it and then owning it. Many of the Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, etc are read about from the teachings of the Bible. Have you experienced the essence of Mary Magdalene and her teachings? There are many books about her.

How to connect? During deep meditation, one can lift and expand your energy and vibration upward to the Higher Realm. Ask to be connected to your Guardian Angel. I often feel their presence behind me and experience the wings wrapped around me and almost feel as if I merge with their etherial essence. I ask for the name, any messages at this time and any special method to re-connect with them. Before disconnecting with my angel, I thank him/her. It is advisable to write down any messages. Come experience this within a workshop or individually.