Based on my own experience of grief and loss, I have recently launched a grief program to assist those who have lost a loved one, a career, relationship or a lifestyle. It is designed to acknowledge the feelings of loss and rebuild a strong foundation to move inward and forward.

Ideally it would be a 6-12 month program. Many of the current clients are in their 6th month and have seen great peace and calm.



My philosophy is to give the client tools to communicate with the loved one themselves. Using some of the following tools:

1)    Meditation

2)    Mind Mapping

3)    Journaling

4)    Connectors: Angels, Guides, Power Animals, the Loved One him/herself

5)    Tarot symbology to indicate emotions, mental situations, those helpers available.

6)    Using these tools that easily connect us with our intuitive/psychic ability, our Higher Self and the spirit world, we are doubly empowered to receive communication about the transition, life lessons learned & those to be completed,

7)    Communication skills to better communicate directly with their loved ones and the signs to look for.




“I have been doing private sessions with Judith Conrad for six months. My husband, Oscar, had just passed away and I felt so lost and alone.

Judith helped me to learn to accept the grief and work slowly through each stage. She also helped me to recognize the signs that Oscar is still with me and always will be—just in a different way.

The mind mapping, meditation and writing were especially meaningful. With Judith’s guidance, I am able to get in touch with some really deep feelings and make peace with them.

I very much appreciate having the sessions recorded so I can go back over them any time.

Judith is very kind, compassionate, and caring. Each session is so personal. I would highly recommend working with her.” Carmella Swinney