Angel Postings

Sometimes, I get mixed messages for myself so I decided to keep a running tally of the cards drawn for the last few weeks from HEALING WITH THE ANGELS-ORACLE CARDS by Doreen Virtue & gifted to me by Susan Strain of Mount Shasta Naturals and Shamanic Journeys


Enchantment                 Archangel Michael                  Power

Serenity                         Power                                       Study

Divine Guidance            Manifestation                          Signs

Self-acceptance            Truth & Integrity                      Nature

Playfulness                    Truth & Integrity                      New Love

Playfulness                    Enchantment                           Serenity

Abundance                    Divine Guidance                      Divine Timing

Abundance                    Divine Timing                          Listening

Serenity                         Divine Timing                         Celebration

Manifestation                 Abundance                             New Love

Signs                               Miracles                                 Playfulness

Divine Guidance             Divine Timing                         Power


I shall continue for a few more days. I think you can see the reoccurring pattern of the messages from my Angels and God.

Thus far the predominant messages are: Abundance, Serenity, Playfulness, Divine Timing & Divine Guidance. 

Which Angel Messages jump out to and for you?