Personalized Lunar and Solar Eclipse Readings

Piper Ruiz with Judith Conrad.

12 hrs · 

Okay, my Leo friends, listen up! I've seen all your birthdays flash on my Facebook news feed! All y'all intuitive Leos out is the time to book a session with Judith Conrad, she is an intuitive strategist. Judith is offering a 60-minute lunar and solar eclipse reading from August 7-22, 2017! Don't miss out! This is about YOU and your path!

She does a reading for the new year you are in, based on your birthday, so if you want to know what's up this next year for you, book a session with Judith! She is empowering, she has positive energy and she loves her work!

It's super easy, you book a session on her website and then you schedule a time w/ her for in person, over the phone or Skype. (My favorite is in person!)

Get on her website & book today! Even if you're not a Leo! Where are all my Cancers at?!