Six Card Reading

6 CARD READING This is a quick version of a 60 minute reading. Now is a good time to get an end of year reading!



1.     XIII  DEATH The end of life as you have known it in order for the new to emerge.

2.     PRINCESS OF DISKS-The pregnant one. She is emerging out of the briars, explosive and tumultuous relationships in order to be divinely guided into better life choices. The key is that she is listening to her own inner guidance instead of being bombarded by others strong negative programming which drains her.

3.     THE AEON-There you are in the womb getting ready/gestating into 3 wonderful opportunities (the fetuses) for abundance and higher creativity.

4.     SIX OF CUPS-Pleasure. Each of the 6 cups are being filled with that golden white light because they are in the process of being transformed with those snakes who are splitting their skin. Fill yourself as you prepare to surrender to Spirit/Higher Self and that ecstatic joy.

5.     EIGHT OF WANDS-Swiftness as it all comes together to be instituted in your life. Your Angels are your guidance plus the illuminated crystal of the Princess of Disks.

6. SIX OF SWORDS-Science Pulling together 6 major players in your life to empower them...Not telling them what to do. Give them the tools to get their own messages. The raging mind is in such need to be in charge. The heart must be allowed to mastermind