Intentions of an Old Soul

As always, I use myself as a template of what I perceive to be a commonality of the new. Many of us were part of the group around the Harmonic Convergence who awakened and became the bridge of a new paradigm shift.  Again I am experiencing this awakening and not able to use the old tools in the same way. The tools are valid but the way I use them seem to be outdated. As I shift in how I use the Tarot, the channeling, the connection to Source, my guides, angels and Higher Self is completely new. 

I am most fortunate to be able to take the time to delve deeper into this new paradigm. I am attracting an Old Soul family who come to me to make sense of those past lifetimes, the lessons, the skill set acquired, and the karma clearing to be done. As I myself reach back to clear my own karma, I am able to share these tools with my clients. 

At this time on the planet, we are needed. It goes far beyond book learning. The new energy is deep, wide. and BEYOND. I hope that helps you old souls.