Four Higher States of Manifesting

When I create a Manifesting Vision Board or Affirmation, it is with intention. I have a definite idea of creation and imagination.

  1. Before beginning I write an affirmation using the words "I AM." This usually involves an invoking, a calling forth or a command. I AM in perfect health, I AM financially supported or I AM working with my 3 month clients.
  2. I utilize my imagination to expand the vision of the affirmation, making it far beyond what currently exists in my life.
  3. I involve my in-dwelling God or High Self to give this a life of it's own. In other words it already exists. It is being called forth.
  4. I walk the talk of my affirmation and imagine that everyone is here to make sure the affirmation is to come true. I am attracting it. It wants to be.

I'm sure you have heard this before. Now it is time for you to do it. Call me and let's do this together. Remember when 2 or more are gathered together, it happens.