Quantum Meta-Physics

For the last 4 months, I have been listening to recordings about Quantum Physics by Stuart Wilde Miracles, It has been such a revelation and I know this works since I am using it on a daily basis as well as with my Spiritual and Coaching clients. It's not new material. I invite you to follow the link and give it a try. For those who would like to work with me to "Get things happening and moving in your life" give me a call. It reminded me of the book I wrote called "Affirmations for the New Millennium."

Thanks for all the feed back on this subject. As always, I use myself as the subject. My Tarot reading for today has to do with the new beginnings for getting folks moving. The theme has to do with being willing to do the work to stay positive with an expanded vision, energy field and attitude.

Something wants to be birthed. What gifts and talents do I possess that can be shared with those who are motivated to move forward? Primarily the gifts are organization of the mind, the development of your intuition and the accountability day after day. If you are ready to 'go for it,' call me.