Happy Day! Happy Changes! I find so much inspirational material on Facebook. As I scroll through the various posts, I share a few and a few I delete, snooze or respond.

I am feeling the new vibration, ideas, reality and possibilities. Many of my clients are experiencing this through job, relationship or financial changes. I know they would like to recreate the old resume with the same skill set and for most this will not fly.

As I work with them to establish new pathways and roadmaps, we start with the concept of the snake that sheds its skin. Their eyes are fuzzy and I’m sure the body is changing.

It is back to the drawing board to discover the passion, the possible new skill set, the life style and the “no way, Jose’”

It may take 21 days or 21 weeks to institute this change. One client decided to do it in 21 minutes. It was a shift beyond anything I had ever seen. Awesome! Left a long-term relationship and decided to move to Mexico all in that 21 minutes. Not for the faint of heart.

Come in with your resume, ideas or frustrations and let’s create some change in your life.