Hello and welcome to my site. If you have landed here it’s because you are a Seeker - a kind of Spiritual Entrepreneur, and are ready to follow your Soul Purpose to make a difference in this lifetime. You are probably an old soul, a visionary or a planetary shape shifter. I can assist you with insights, intuitive tools and guidance at every level. Start small with a one hour Intuitive Reading session, a workshop or jump into the deep end for an intensive exploration of you with a 3-month long Intuitive Development Training course. Beginners and advanced explorers are all welcome! My only requirement is that you bring your passion and willingness to discover your true essential self.
— Judith Conrad

Are you ready to discover your true path to happiness and live the life you were meant to live?  Continue your journey of discovery . . .

The reading I had with you was so comforting, and sitting with you is sitting with a sage and a kind mother. I feel stronger, and more happy, and my clients have been reflecting that back to me. Thank you!
— Peggy Iileen of Eugenephotographer.com


It is the innate capacity to tap into the inner connection to hunches, gut feelings, that 6th Sense in life, the synchronicity of ‘A Higher and Wiser Part of Ourselves’ that knows ALL. One reaches this inner zone through meditation, dream time, contemplation, prayer, angelic connection and Natural Knowing.


These aspects may have been formed out of grief, fear or anger in this lifetime or a past one. When the old patterns are ready to change, the results will be permanent!

Judith will teach you how to redirect your awareness and explore the unlimited possibilities that await you. She will help you zero in on restrictive thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that block you from greater happiness and success. When you access your intuitive intelligence, there are no limitations. Draw upon your inner wisdom and enjoy all life has to offer.

This is a dynamic process which utilizes Judith’s intuitive ability to identify and locate negative internal programming and then transform such programming into positive new ‘jobs.’
Aspects may be: “I never have enough money.” ” I am unworthy” “I must be overweight to be safe.”

  • Enjoy greater energy and peace of mind.

  • Gain deeper insight into, who you really are.

  • Find new meaning in life.

  • Enhance your relationships.

  • Discover passion in your work.

  • Enjoy abundance.

Learn from one of the best intuitive teachers and guides. Judith Conrad from Eugene Oregon teaches you how to tap into your higher self. Learn how to live the live you imagine, full of love, joy, and laughter.

Judith Conrad is trained to access inner intuitive communication skills with a no-nonsense style. Her extra-ordinary intuitive gifts make her an exceptional spiritual and intuitive mentor for both business and  professional development.  Seekers learn through intuitive guidance and sacred deepening  tools, tarot readings & intuitive live coaching.

Judith brings more than 33 years of experience and hosted both radio and TV programs as a clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient. JUDITH CONRAD

Judith Conrad has been coaching business, personal and intuitive skills for more than 34 years. Prior to this career, she was a high school teacher at De Anza High School near San Francisco, California, teaching German, Spanish and English. She created a tour company “Friendship Tours” and escorted folks to Germany, Austria and Switzerland plus many spiritual tours to Machu Picchu.

Judith Conrad is a Personal, Business and Spiritual Coach with intensive Intuitive Development study and Archetypal & Symbolic Tarot Exploration.

Judith Conrad is a practical (Bottom Line) Intuitive. She always knew she was unique. On May 5, 1984, Judith attended her first Intuitive Development Class.

It was love at first sight, sound and feeling. It was as if she had come home. Now you must understand that Judith was a German and Spanish Teacher at a large high school very practical, using logical skills in her teaching career. She was looking for a new career using her foreign languages. Wow, now the ideal career was presenting itself-INTUITIVE WORK! At that time, this career was not what she had expected.

She has since studied with Marcie Calhoun, author of “Are you really too sensitive?”, Dr. Jean Houston in her New York Mystery School and with the Mystery Schools of the Andes in Machu Picchu, Peru. She has a successful practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Mount Shasta and now in Eugene, using her Intuitive Skills on the radio for 25 years and in her “Measure for Success” Coaching Program.

Judith Conrad’s no-nonsense style and extra-ordinary intuitive gifts make her one of the most talented and best personal, business and intuitive mentors and professional development coaches. Judith is a motivator to help you delve deeper into your own inner communication and intuitive skills. Judith brings 28 years of ‘intuitive reading’ & coaching experience in South America, Europe and on her own Spiritual TV and Radio Talk Shows.She brings the sacred energy of Mount Shasta & Machu Picchu into the heart and soul of her work.

In order to promote her new business of offering Intuitive Readings, she created “The Judith Conrad Radio Program on KEST 1450am. Later she expanded into the Sacramento, Los Angeles and Seattle radio market. Shortly after this she created a TV program on the local public TV station. Always a new horizon looms ahead.

Eugene Intuitive Testimonials

Hear what others have to say about Judith and her passion to serve as a guide for your Highest Possible Good:

Vision Boards, intuitive readings
It’s always wonderful to get conformation and guidance from Judith, I always learn so much more about myself and I am very thankful for her gift and enlightenment.
— Katrina Purdy, via Google Reviews
Judith has a way about her that’s calming, yet powerful. There was no crazy voodoo-type darkness . . . only light! I would highly recommend connecting with her beautiful soul.
— Michelle Price, via Google Reviews
Dear Judith,
You rock! Thank you for a grounded, well communicated, accurate and informative session. I came away feeling much clearer about the issues I asked about. I feel that I have useful, specific, practical information to work with, both immediately and for this year. I deeply appreciate you giving me the heads-up I needed for the various bumpy aspects ahead, as well as assuring me of all the positives that are coming my way. I am immensely grateful, and will no doubt be seeing you more.
— Laura Magpali