Learn The Mastery of Natural Knowing



Once you have received your roadmap and the inner GPS and potential solutions from the first ‘reading’, you are ready to begin to implement the plan using many of the Intuitive Development Tools and me as your Spiritual Mentor.

This is an apprenticeship/mentoring & life coaching program:

Benefits of Intuitive Training

  • To be able to see beyond your current situation
  • To listen and question at the deepest level to receive answers
  • To activate the 90% of your unused brain (right brain)
  • To collect analytical data (left brain)
  • To create and implement solutions using a Higher Power for self-healing.
  • To restructure at the cellular DNA level all fears, doubts and pain
  • To feel safe and protected as you open to new levels of intuitive awareness
  • To find your purpose, vision, essence, passion, service and spiritual path


  1. Testimonial from Teresa Totten Hood: Judith is a thoughtful intuitive.  I enrolled in her life coaching 3 month program.  We spent an hour a week together for 3 months. I found myself at a crossroads in my life, one that was unexpected.  Her insight and accuracy into my current life issues was always precise. She truly understood the layers of my past, present and future. I could count on her honesty and integrity in every reading. She helped me gain back the confidence I had lost.  I was offered and accepted a dream job!  A position where my income will double the first year and triple by year 2! I highly recommend her.
  2. This is a 3-6-9 month course designed for Old Souls, entrepreneurs, small business owners, those in grief/transition and those who want to develop their intuitive skills and learn how to use a variety of intuitive tools to gain their own insight and clarity with deep listening and deep questioning from a very deep inner wisdom place to access divine information, potential solutions and definitive results.   
  3. All individual sessions will include some form of meditation, creative visualization, self-hypnosis, mind mapping, business/personal success formula, Strategic Planning and Successful Project Management/Organization using your Purpose, Smart Goals, Actions and Scheduling.  Each of the classes will be approx. 1  hour in length and recorded on a mp4.  We can be creative in the scheduling.  This course can be taken individually or with like-minded colleagues.
  4. This training is offered on an individual basis and custom designed to fit your needs and goals.  Once one has finished the first 3 month training, they may continue into a more advanced 3-month program, continuing to further explore and develop their intuitive skills.