Judith is a ‘Transformational Soul Spelunker.’ 
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Judith Conrad

Judith Conrad

I am trained to access inner intuitive communication skills and have a no-nonsense style and extra-ordinary intuitive gifts that make me one of the most talented and best personal, business, and intuitive mentors and professional development coaches. I bring 32 years of ‘reading’ experience on radio and TV as a clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient. 

Intuitive Intention Circle
Activate your most important Desires, Dreams and Intentions in this Intention Circle.  Using your I AM/I HAVE, you will develop the intention of a deeper capacity using trusting energy.   As a group, each person brings an idea, a project, an intention or an openness to whatever Spirit desires for you!

I have led several spiritual tours to Machu Picchu in Peru.  During my tours I was invited to speak at the 1st and 2nd ‘Congreso Mistico Internacional’ in Lima, Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina and studied with Quechua Elder Don Alejandro with the Mystery Schools of the Andes in Cusco, Peru.  I also led spiritual tours to Mount Shasta in Northern California before personally moving to the magical mountain itself.

Photo of Machu Picchu, Peru courtesy of Kai Stachowiak.

Photo of Machu Picchu, Peru courtesy of Kai Stachowiak.

My original training was under the guidance of world renowned people such as Marcy Calhoun, Dr. Jean Houston, and Quechua Elder Don Alejandro.

Prior to my Intuitive work, I was teaching languages - English, Spanish, and German in De Anza High School near San Franscisco California.  I studied Spanish in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico and Palma de Mallorca in Spain.  I studied German in Berlin and Munich in Germany plus Salzburg, Austria.   I created a tour company “Friendship Tours” and escorted folks to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Over the journey I have created as many opportunties as possible to expose people to their inner guidance tools.  I created The Judith Conrad Radio Program on KEST 1450 am around the topic of using intuitive skills for solutions.  

Later I expanded into the Sacramento, Los Angeles and Seattle radio market.  Shortly after this I created a TV program called the Judith Conrad Show.  

Always a new horizon looms ahead.   I had a successful practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Mount Shasta and now in Eugene, Oregon using my intuitive skills on the radio and in my  "Measure for Success” Coaching Program.


Past Lives and Akashic Records

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