‘Speed’ Vision Board with Judith Conrad

  • Date: TBA

  • 6-8:30 pm

  • Location: West Eugene

  • Cost: $40 includes all supplies


Intuitive Vision Board with Judith Conrad

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  • The Vision Board Process: This is a visual timed right brain-left brain process: rip, cut, paste and interpret to evoke your true destiny and clarity from deep within to bring out the analytical and the creative side of the mind.

  • The Intuitive Interpretations: Now, leveraging Judith’s intuitive powers & those in the group, you get to have many eyes see what you might not have seen.

    • Intuitive Manifestation Intention Process: Out of this Vision Board process, you will be given manifesting skills & techniques to be clear of what is calling you from the Vision Board & to go for it with clarity.

    • Date: TBA

    • Noon-5pm

    • Location: West Eugene

    • Cost: Includes snacks and all supplies unless you have special scissors or magazines. $60

    • This is a very auspicious combination of all that fall represents from the dropping of the leaves, completion of the garden harvest to the preparation of the soil for hibernation. This is an excellent time to go within to connect to a deeper joy, love and inner knowing from your Higher Self. The Vision Board represents the visual representation of inner intentions that want to call you forth easily and effortlessly.


Introduction to "How to Read the Tarot"

We will be using the Tarot as the centerpiece of this sacred deepening and spiritual awakening using the  intuitive development tools and guidance. Dream interpretation is a natural result of this course.

This is an introduction to how to read the tarot with self-discovery and self-actualization to heal old wounds and move forward with a spiritual purpose.

Consider 12 weekly meetings or a 2 1/2 weekend to really 'read' for yourself, connect to the inner archetypes and bring in happiness in an all new way.

Angel Circle - Connect With Your Spirit Guides and Angels

Discover what it feels like to connect and communicate with your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, Power Animals & your Higher Self. This class includes automatic writing/channeling to access divine information and how to communicate with your guardian angel on a daily basis.
Cost $100 for individual one-hour session.  

Intuitive Development Workshop

How intuitive are you? How often do you trust your gut feeling? Let's find out what's beneath the surface.  I am offering an Intuitive Development workshop focused on gathering information and answers about your relationships, new business clients, life situations, and more. Once we get to your center, we create the opportunities for your desires to manifest. Limited seating so RSVP your spot today! 
Cost $100 for individual one hour session. Consider a 3-month course to really master this for yourself.

Past Lives and Akashic Records

Are you interested in knowing the importance of your past lifetimes and your Akashic records to better understand what is happening to you right now? Interesting what the mind remembers. We are able to connect to the many reasons we are not successful and give us new jobs for success.
Cost $100 for individual one hour session. Add another person for only $60.

Intuitive Intention Circle & Mind Mapping

Your intentions are messages from your Higher Self during meditation of your most important Desires, Dreams and Intentions in this Intention Circle. 

More About The Intention Circle

Using your I AM/I HAVE, you will develop the intention of a deeper capacity using trusting energy. As a group, each person brings an idea, a project, an intention or an openness to whatever Spirit desires for you! We use the intuitive brainstorming via a mind map process which brings out the analytical and the creative side of the mind. It is recommended to take this prior to doing the Vision Board Workshop.

Cost $100 for individual one-hour session.

I have to be honest, people have been asking what is my secret to growing my business and being confident. The truth is I have been working with Judith Conrad for 2 month now. Wow! she has helped me by taking control of my thoughts. Working with Judith has made such a difference in who I am and who I am becoming. I highly recommend working with her!!
— Julianna Wesolek-Leach
I had an amazing reading from Judith today. It was spot on and greatly insightful for me. I recommend her 100% for anyone seeking more clarity in his or her life.
— Sandra Jeffs
I have known Judith for 20 years. It started with taking a class on Tarot. Judith is a gifted teacher. I learned so much while taking that class. I have also attended other spiritual workshops that she held. I have done Vision Boards several times. I can hardly believe how much I learned about myself with the help of Judith and the boards. Judith did a Guided meditation at one of her workshops that was the best I have experienced. During that meditation I met my guide, heard from my deceased father and gather a great deal of information. She has done many readings for me and has given me accurate insights into my life and challenges. We have both moved around but I will always find away to stay in touch. With her coaching I have learned to trust myself and my guidance. You will never regret spending time with Judith.
— Barbara Simon

Organize Your Success

Bring your calendar, creative ideas, and a list of goals and intentions so together we can get you organized and on a path to success 2017.

More About How To Organize Your Success

During this work session we start by identifying your purpose and connecting it with SMART goals that are actionable and achievable. Next, we work on developing a personalized mind map to create a detailed plan of action for the coming year. And finally, we schedule key activities and events into your calendar for 2017.

Cost $120 for individual two-hour sessions.

Cash, check, money order, and credit cards accepted.