Introduction to "How to Read the Tarot"

Sunday, June 11, from 1-4pm

Eugene Intuitive
1699 N Terry St, Eugene

We will be using the Tarot as the centerpiece of this sacred deepening and spiritual mentoring using the intuitive development tools and guidance.

This is an introduction to how to read the tarot with self-discovery and self-actualization to heal old wounds and move forward with a spiritual purpose.

  • Self-evaluation for enlightenment and awakening
  • Astrology, numerology and color therapy
  • Your personal numerological archetype and how it relates to your life purpose
  • How to interpret the symbols of the 22 Major Arcana
  • The story within the card combinations
  • Intuitive Development tools
  • Opening to channel the Archetypes such as Artemis, Pluto, Mercury and your astrological sign
  • Sacred Deepening & Spiritual Mentoring
  • Therapeutic & healing aspect of the cards

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