Ideas into more procrastination


Do you wake up in the middle of the night with the greatest creative ideas? I hope you write them down or do they just clutter up your mind. I’ve coached so many folks over the years to take these ideas and manifest them.

Procrastination and not having enough time seem to be two of the greatest hindrances.

Let's create an action plan and work together in collaboration to move past these two saboteurs.

·      Get the ideas on paper

·      Expand the idea with Intuitive Brainstorming or Mind Mapping together

·      Create the action steps

·      Schedule these steps

·      Create a time line

It is called Time Management or Project Management.

Having a coach to move you past the procrastination and allocate the minimum time to complete the project, is vital.

I am looking for someone to mentor & collaborate in creating your dream,

Personalized Lunar and Solar Eclipse Readings

Piper Ruiz with Judith Conrad.

12 hrs · 

Okay, my Leo friends, listen up! I've seen all your birthdays flash on my Facebook news feed! All y'all intuitive Leos out is the time to book a session with Judith Conrad, she is an intuitive strategist. Judith is offering a 60-minute lunar and solar eclipse reading from August 7-22, 2017! Don't miss out! This is about YOU and your path!

She does a reading for the new year you are in, based on your birthday, so if you want to know what's up this next year for you, book a session with Judith! She is empowering, she has positive energy and she loves her work!

It's super easy, you book a session on her website and then you schedule a time w/ her for in person, over the phone or Skype. (My favorite is in person!)

Get on her website & book today! Even if you're not a Leo! Where are all my Cancers at?!

Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7

I’ve been following the astrology of the eclipse for the 7th and the 21st. It seems like the main message has been to release that which does not work any longer or to let go of the past and invite in the new.

So here goes:


  •     Confusion
  •     Desperation
  •     Lack of financial & emotional support
  •     Negativity around politics and so called leaders
  •     Putting energy into promotions that don’t produce results
  •     Unfulfilled career, relationship finances
  •     Fill in your own here__________________


  • Receiving my heart’s desire
  • Clarity about my heart’s desire
  • Peace and harmony for myself and for others
  • New pathways in career, relationships and abundance
  • Fill in your own here_____________________

Now would be an excellent time to do a reading to reset the inner GPS and clear out the cobwebs. We have Mercury Retrograde Friday, August 12 and this is a good time to go inward to reset, revise, revamp, etc.

Let me be your Coach for All Reasons during this high energy time. Sign up for your personalized hour. under Tarot Reading and it will include the coaching as well.