Positive and comfortable environment, a thought-provoking and insightful experience
— Justin - September 3, 2015
The Vision Board class was so much fun! My vision board is a reflection of my interests and goals. Meeting others in the community was awesome too! Thank you Judith! :)
— Theresa M. - March 1, 2016


Judith reaches beyond and brings forth answers, insight, and direction for what’s next. We often pay attention to our gut instincts. Well, Judith is tuned in, turned on, and tapped in to our spirit gut instincts which means that we can find affirmation in what we thought were possibilities. Wow - Judith is blessed with great gifts. Thank you, Judith, for all that you said. You are spot on!
— Val S. - June 28, 2016
Powerful and thought provoking Winter Solstice ritual! Judith is a wonderful guide and teacher.
— Molly - December 23, 2016

”Judith is, indeed, highly intuitive, as well as compassionate and thoughtful. I’ve had several tarot readings from Judith and they have always helped me to focus my intentions and move me forward along a spiritual path. Thank you, Judith!
— Kevin Leinbach, Coppertree House Web Design Eugene OR - May, 2, 2018
Your use of the tarot cards is simply magical. You are an inspiring teacher and a blessing
— Angelique, San Francisco New Living Expo
New Leaf Hyperbarics & Wellness, Eugene
Eugene OR
Judith is a amazing lady. Her knowledge of how our brain work is very through and has help a lot of people including myself.
— Matt McCarl May 1, 2018
I definitely have some work to do on ME but Judith’s reading gave me the tools and inspiration to get a kick-start!!! As always, Judith’s information was clear, concise and power-filled. She is simply the BEST! Sooo connected to spirit and inspirational.
— Susan - June 21, 2016
Wonderful small group with lots of support as we made vision boards and shared with each other.
— Suzanne - June 22, 2015
Judith’s readings have consistently assisted me in my spiritual quest over the last 10 years. They have helped . . . me move in directions that I would not have discovered on my own.
— Gale Gray, Mystic, Doctor of Applied Spiritual Studies
Judith is a delight to work with. She welcomes clients and creates a safe environment, from which to do serious work. Whether it is to heal mental/emotional pain, find direction for life decisions, look from the past through the present and into future possibilities, she guides you to look deep inside to find your answers. What Judith has done for us: — help list skills from a lifetime of work that can transfer into a productive retirement, — helped us deal with personal relationships that set the groundwork for a happy and fulfilling future, — helped close doors to past issues that had been problematic, and — gave us specific techniques to release blocks for mental/emotional healing. We’d highly recommend Judith to anyone with life questions. With love and light,
— Sara and Michelle Redding, CA
Judith is able to reconnect her clients with the wisdom of their inner selves at the time of the reading.
— Anik Bose, Business Consultant, Silicon Valley and Mount Shasta
Judith Conrad has literally changed our lives . . . her insights were so extraordinary . . . In every case that information has been right on!
— Carole Glenn, www.lifeharmonymusic.com.
I have known Judith for 20 years. It started with taking a class on Tarot. Judith is a gifted teacher. I learned so much while taking that class. I have also attended other spiritual workshops that she held. I have done Vision Boards several times. I can hardly believe how much I learned about myself with the help of Judith and the boards. Judith did a Guided meditation at one of her workshops that was the best I have experienced. During that meditation I met my guide, heard from my deceased father and gather a great deal of information. She has done many readings for me and has given me accurate insights into my life and challenges. We have both moved around but I will always find away to stay in touch. With her coaching I have learned to trust myself and my guidance. You will never regret spending time with Judith.
— Barbara Simon